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Ayla Wolf is a contributing author to the award-winning book Concussion Discussions: A Functional Approach to Recovery After Brain Injury Volume 1 and Concussion Discussions Volume 2.


Book Description: Twenty experts share their advice and experience working with patients with brain injury.Brain injury survivors can THRIVE in their recovery, often after traditional medicine has left them struggling for answers. Learn how innovative modalities can address your symptoms: headaches, dysautonomia, eye tracking, brain fog, dizziness, thyroid disorders, and more. Understand your treatment options and legal rights from these experts. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury, this book offers a wealth of information, but, more importantly, it offers HOPE.

This book is available on Amazon.


The Neurological Wellness Podcast

A discussion on the crossroads of functional neurology and acupuncture with Dr. Ayla Wolf DAOM.

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An interview with Ayla & Sophia on Chinese medicine and neurology

Wellness Collective Podcast
of the Twin Cities

An interview with Ayla and Sophia on Chinese medicine and neurology.

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A Healthy Curiosity

An interview with Dr. Wolf DAOM on acupuncture, migraines, brain injuries, and chronic pain.

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A discussion on microglia-mediated brain inflammation with Dr. Ayla Wolf DAOM.

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Botanical Biohacking


Dr. Ayla Wolf DAOM provides NCCAOM-approved online and in-person courses in functional neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neurological examination techniques. She has courses specific to concussions, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, and Parkinson's currently available through her teaching website. To learn more about her courses and sign up for the latest information on podcasts, classes and events, please visit her website www.acupunctureneurology.com.

You can also purchase several of her online courses exclusively through the Carrick Institute.

Carrick Institute Synapse Sessions 2021

Register here:  http://synapse.carrickinstitute.com/