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Abstract picture of a brain

Post-concussion Syndrome

Our clinic offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to helping patients suffering from post-concussion syndrome. We utilize functional neurological rehabilitation strategies alongside neuro-modulatory acupuncture techniques and supportive herbal therapies to address the wide-range of symptoms people experience following head trauma.

Concussion & TBI Symptoms & Complications

Brain Fog
Poor memory
Word searching

Chronic headaches
Chronic neck pain
Sleep disorders

Dysautonomias & POTS
Exercise intolerance
Heart palpitations
Light sensitivity
Sound sensitivity
Food sensitivities

At your first appointment we will assess the following:

Autonomic nervous sytem integrity
Cognitive functioning
Oculomotor system
Cranial nerves
Sensory integration
Gait analysis
Balance & cerebellar functioning​
Vestibular, cervical, and proprioceptive integration
Image from Brain Performance EQ Trailmaking test
Computerized Cognitive Testing


Our clinic provides individualized treatment plans, because no two concussions are alike. We utilize a wide range of therapies including:

Neuro-modulatory acupuncture
Craniosacral therapy
Chinese herbal medicine
Photobiomodulation, Low Level Laser
Vagal nerve stimulation
Focus Builder Eye Training
Computerized Balance Tracking
Tilt Table Therapy

Image of Dr. Ayla Wolf needling an acupuncture point for brain fog

Concussion Discussions

Dr. Wolf is a contributing author to the award winning book series Concussion Discussions: A Functional Approach to Treating Concussions. In Volume 1, she contributed the chapter titled: Chinese Medicine: A Multi-Modality System with Applications in Healing Brain Injuries and in Volume 2: The Role of Neck Trauma in Brain Injury Recovery

Image of the Book Concussion Discussions Volume 1
Image of the book Concussion Discussions Volume 2
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