Concussion and Post Concussion Treatment Now Available

Healing Response Acupuncture and Functional Neurology is redefining brain rehabilitation by modulating the nervous system using acupuncture techniques and neuro-rehabilitation. Our post concussion treatment and recovery services include–

  • Acupuncture – to treat neurological disorders that include -

    • Concussions & Post Concussions.

    • Migraines.

    • Vertigo.

    • TBIs – Traumatic Brain Injuries.

    • Strokes, to name a few.

  • Neuro-Rehab – to treat a variety of injuries that include –

    • Chronic Pain.

    • Sports Injuries.

    • Car Accidents

    • Range of Motion Issues.

    • Combat Injuries.

    • Decreased Reaction Times.

    • Gait Disorders, to name a few.

Our post concussion recovery program offers these benefits for those who have sustained a concussion –

  • An increase of blood flow to the brain

  • Relief from symptoms of nausea

  • Reduced anxiety as a result of an imbalanced autonomic nervous system

  • Pain relief from migraines, neck aches, and headaches

Do you live/work in and around the Stillwater, Minnesota area, and have searched the internet using the phrase – quality Post Concussion treatment near me? If so, search no more. Healing Response & Neuro-Rehabilitation offers treatment and recovery plans for concussions using acupuncture, which provides a profound impact on an injured individual’s physiology.

We are available to address your inquiries or to set an appointment by phone - 651-323-0005, or jump online and use our inquiry form. For immediate answers, check out our FAQs online.

For your convenience, Healing Response offers online scheduling and is not a walk-in clinic. Once scheduled, patients receive a digital confirmation with a link to the new patient forms that need to be completed before arriving for your first scheduled appointment.